Updated: March 25th, 2007

TheCaminus.com live now!

iconMarch 25th, 2007

After months of development, all during off hours outside of my regular day job, it feels great to finally launch thecaminus.com. The site is the portfolio of Calgary based photographer Jamie Clark. The page design was a collaboration between Jamie and myself. I handled all the programming and motion design. There are nine sections and approximately 125 photos to view. A basic MVC framework was used to control the site, and the galleries are all driven by XML. Check the site out now and take a look at some amazing photographs. Congrats Jamie!

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  1. The Scrollbar component is not functioning properly i.e. the dragger (or handler) doesn’t update the view at all and you can only use right left arrows to see the content.

    The design is very simple and elegant, so is the animation style. Overall a nice experience.

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